Admin Central

Optimise your commerce operations for maximum efficiency

Our versatile Admin Central empowers you to create a bespoke commerce management interface for your team. Equipped with essential features out-of-the-box, its APIs enable you to fully customize the UI and extend it to meet your specific requirements effectively.

Extensible Architecture

An architecture that enables you to customize everything

Our Admin Central is built on Angular, a leading JavaScript framework for building enterprise-grade applications built and maintained by Google. It comes with an architecture and API design that lets you hook into the system whereever you need. We live by the standard of unparalleled flexibility and customizability in every inch of our application.

Customizable Admin UI Central
Custom Views
Build for maximum productivity and implement your custom logic

Enterprises need commerce management interfaces that are tailored to their ways of working. Productivity gains in day-to-day operations are a core driver for customer satisfaction and cost efficiency.

Custom List Views

Utilize the powerful data table view of Vendure for your custom entities to provide a broad set of sorting, filtering and searching features with just a few lines of code.

Custom Detail Views

Create sophisticated forms to manage data and perform various automated actions to enhance the productivity of your team. Build interfaces that make it fun to manage data.

Custom Navigation Items

Add your custom nav items to guide users to your custom implementations. Our strong set of APIs makes that really easy, it's just a few lines in your custom plugin.


Digital commerce for global teams, supporting 20+ languages

Digital commerce teams need interfaces in their natives languages. That increases efficiency and productivity in their daily operations. Vendure supports 20+ languages out-of-the-box and also provides right to left (RTL) support.

Use your stack
Use the stack of your choice

Your team should not spend the time learning a new framework, just to add some custom features to our Admin Central. That's why we are technology agnostic.

Native support for Angular & React

Our Admin Central is built on the powerful Angular framework. Additionally, we provide native React components to that directly integrate with our native APIs, so that you're able to use React components without an extra compilation.

Support for Vue, Solid & others

We also support various other frontend frameworks like Vue, Nuxt and many others. Therefore we introduced a bridge component, so that you can include your compiled application entry points into your Vendure Admin Central instance.

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