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The commerce platform with customization in its DNA.

Build better multichannel commerce experiences faster. Vendure is the headless commerce platform that is built to adapt to your needs. Not the other way round.

Our vision

Great commerce experiences are as unique as your business

Empower your business aspirations beyond the constraints of your current commerce platform.

Vendure offers a robust foundation for high-caliber multichannel commerce ventures, tailored to propel the future expansion of leading organizations.

Our proven and reliable core infrastructure supports rapidly growing startups, thriving direct-to-consumer labels, top-tier B2B enterprises, Fortune 500 corporations, and a diverse array of businesses.

Leverage the collective experience and insight of our global community of developers and businesses, all integrated back into our platform.

Customizable Admin Central

Our cutting-edge Admin Central empowers you to customize workflows, views, and procedures to align perfectly with your team's unique needs, driving operational efficiency and boosting productivity to new heights.

Customizable Commerce Engine

Leverage our scalable commerce engine, designed with a robust plugin architecture, to swiftly establish your platform without constraints. Tailor every aspect, from data models to pricing strategies, to suit your requirements effectively.

Success Stories

Leading companies that already leveraged Vendure for their success.

SPAR BelgiumDigital commerce for one of the world's largest food retailers

One of the world's largest food retail chains built one of their digital commerce experiences on Vendure.

Read case study
PAKET MARKETThe biggest online supermarket and marketplace in North Macedonia

Read case study
KlektEurope’s original marketplace run by sneakerheads for sneakerheads

Klekt provides the opportunity to buy and sell deadstock sneakers in a safe and secure environment.

Read case study
Open Source Core
Build your future success on open source software

Leverage the power of open source software as a strategic advantage for your ecommerce project. Benefit from its versatility, cost efficiency, and continuous enhancements driven by our worldwide network of contributors.

Used by thousands of teams worldwide

Our highly-acclaimed open-source software boasts a global community of thousands of developers ensuring exceptional collaboration, swift bug resolutions, and continuous enhancements. Best of all, it's cost-free when starting out!

Built on the most-used tech stack worldwide

Vendure's use of Node.js & TypeScript with NestJS & Angular brings outstanding performance, scalability, and developer-friendly features. Users can expect a smooth, efficient, and modern e-commerce experience thanks to these powerful technologies!

Best-in-class developer experience

Vendure is built by developers, for developers. We are obsessed with enhancing the efficiency and productivity of developers through our exceptional developer experience. Our goal is to streamline the development process for optimal results.

Build more in a lot less time

Our extensive ecosystem of third-party integrations and extensions significantly reduces time-to-market for commerce projects.

Our cutting-edge plugin architecture facilitates seamless integration with various third-party systems and allows for customization of installed plugins.

Avoid unnecessary duplication of efforts by leveraging established plugins with a proven track record in live environments.

Google Cloud
Digital Ocean
Tech Stack
Trusted technologies. Our future-proof and battle-tested tech stack.

Developer Experience

We believe that developer experience should be first

Typescript-based config schema for fast and secure configuration

Configuration in Vendure is one simple TypeScript object, completely typed for maximum guidance and safety in your development process. Gone are the days of editing hundreds of XML files that are in various different folders.


What people think about Vendure


At KLEKT we chose Vendure after many painstaking hours of competitive research. Being a marketplace we didn't feel like there was anything out there that really fit the bill out of the box, but with an API-first platform and the ability to create custom plugins we were able to extend Vendure to meet our needs. In comparison to other platforms Vendure is much lighter, fully utilises modern technologies and doesn't need 25 dev ops engineers to make it scale. So for us it seemed the right fit and we haven't looked back.

Jon CleaverCTO at KLEKT
Tech Lead at IBM

We were trying to find a solution that was feature-complete but flexible. Flexibility was a necessity because we wanted to maintain the legacy system’s interface points with other teams. After we set up a demo system on IBM’s internal hybrid cloud platform, we were convinced that, out-of-the-box, it would provide 90% of the ecommerce functionality our stores required, and that we would be able to build out the other 10% ourselves.

Will MilneTech Lead at IBM

I was looking for an e-commerce platform that supports multichannel, to enable the multi-client setup of the platform. Vendure is the only platform meeting the requirements of Node.js, GraphQL and multichannel. The only code I had to write was the payment integration, which was very easy with the plugin system.

Martijn van de BrugPinelab
You're definitely not in bad company

Join our community of more than 5,000 developers and headless commerce enthusiasts.

"I've been using Vendure since the Beta and have never regretted it. Every question I've had has been answered, and I've even contributed documentation and code changes myself. I highly recommend attending events like the Vendure Dev Day."
Kevin Mattutat
Kevin MattutatCTO, fainin
"What truly stood out about Vendure was the level of independence it offered us. By avoiding reliance on SaaS providers and their predetermined roadmaps, we had full ownership of our platform."
Christian Stocker
Christian StockerCo-Founder, Liip AG
"We are a B2B business that supplies food worldwide; with Vendure, we can organize our product catalog with the best performance and great UX."
Carlo Diban
Carlo DibanCTO, Loads
"The Vendure team are always very active and looking to improve day after day. They are very engaged with the community through Discord, open source activities and events, which means they are a reliable partner even when you're facing tough challenges"
Giorgio Boa
Giorgio BoaFull stack developer, Qarik
"Our team has been working with Vendure since the early days... we are thrilled to see the latest developments to handle the scale and amount of customization we deal with."
Thierry Tournie
Thierry TournieSenior Developer, Swile
"We are building custom e-commerce solutions from marketplaces to subscription based products, and we haven't found anything that couldn't be implemented in Vendure!"
Martijn van de Brug
Martijn van de BrugFounder, Pinelab
"It's nice how everyone, including the core team, is always willing to jump in and help out. Being part of this community makes working with Vendure not just productive, but enjoyable."
Noah Perez
Noah Perez Web Developer, NODA
"The Vendure community is an incredibly supportive and engaged group of developers. Real developers - not Wordpress clickers. The level of involvement of core team is also astonishing - I feel like we are the part of the project."
 Artur Czemiel
Artur CzemielCEO, Aexol
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