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Our vision is to make Vendure the leading e-commerce framework in the world. One of the most important cornerstones of this vision is partnerships.

The new Vendure Partner Program provides our agency and implementation partners the optimal toolkit to build state-of-the-art e-commerce solutions.

Partners gain access to insightful resources, documentation, training, certification programs, advanced premium support as well as direct access to our team of experts.

Join the partner network today to profit from these benefits right away!

Your benefits as an official partner

It's free - for a lifetime

The Vendure Partner Program offers three different partner levels. Apart from developer certification fees, the Bronze Partnership allows small agencies and freelancers easy and free access to the program, while our Silver and Gold Partnerships satisfy the most demanding projects of larger agencies.

Tech support and consulting

We know that time is money, and sometimes you need that extra bit of support to get your project off the ground. With the Silver and Gold partnership you get exclusive tech support directly from the Vendure team as well as preferred plugin reviews. Paid support options for Bronze are available on request.

Certification through our own Developer Academy

To ensure the highest quality possible in the implementation of Vendure projects, all partners will become part of our Vendure Developer Academy. Your developers will get access to certification exams, training and documentation resources, and on-demand video training. Our Academy content is currently under production, and we will add more content every month.

Exclusive partner perks

As part of the Partner Program, you will be ahead of the curve when it comes to event invites, exclusive previews, and the chance to actively shape the future of Vendure with us. In addition, your partner profile and your case studies will be highlighted on our website for everyone to admire!

Partner Levels
Partnerships for all: Perfect fit for freelancers, scale-ups, and leading agencies

Developer Academy

Level up your developers’ skills through our very own developer academy

By building Vendure on the newest and most advanced technologies such as TypeScript and Nodejs, we have ensured high accessibility for everyone and easy maintenance.

However, to unlock your developers’ true potential when building projects with Vendure, we have created the new Vendure Developer Academy, which will serve as the certification gateway to becoming a partner.

Certifications start as low as €300 per year per developer and will unlock your access to more academy content which we are currently producing, such as detailed documentation, trainings, videos, live-code tests and more.

Partner Support

Premium solutions deserve premium support straight from our team of experts

At the heart of the development of Vendure stands an impressive community of developers and supporters who have helped pave the way through their contributions.

When building demanding projects, time can be of essence and critical milestones might need some extra support. As a Silver and Gold partner, we include premium tech support and direct access to our team of Vendure solution experts.

Whether a road block needs removing or you simply need some guidance on how to get started: we have you covered!

Partner perks

Stay ahead of the curve and your competition with exclusive perks

As a partner, we will make sure you get the care and attention you deserve.

Starting with your personal agency profile listed on our partner network page, you will receive personalized certificates and a partner badge for your agency website to build trustworthiness towards your clients.

To top things off, partners get exclusive event invitations, co-marketing opportunities, early previews to planned features, and much more.

While Vendure will stay open-source and free forever, we want the Partner Program to give you the leverage to exploit your business potential fully.

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