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Vendure is one of the globally leading Node.js commerce platforms. With over 20.000 installations worldwide and Fortune500 companies using the platform to build e-commerce solutions on Node.js, you're in the right place.

Node.js based tech stack

Built on a tech stack, that is loved by developers


Nest.js is a powerful framework designed for creating high-performance and scalable Node.js applications. Its modular architecture and TypeScript compatibility streamline the development process, catering to both novices and experienced developers for all backend requirements.


TypeScript enhances JavaScript by introducing static typing, which improves reliability and ease of use. It allows developers to leverage JavaScript's features while enjoying the benefits of type checking, offering the best of both worlds.


GraphQL is like a superhero for our APIs - it powers both our Shop API and Admin API! With its flexibility and efficiency, it makes fetching data a breeze. Say goodbye to over-fetching or under-fetching, GraphQL's got you covered. Time to level up your API game!


We rely on Angular as our primary framework for developing our modern and effective admin interface. Its advanced capabilities enable us to design a user-centric platform management experience. Plus, there are lots of tools and libraries to choose from that make developing much easier.

Node.js Developer Experience

Developer Experience comes first, in every aspect of our commerce platform

Our platform is meant to be customized, but with that customization possibilities comes complexity. But not with Vendure! We have built a great set of tools around the development workflow with Vendure and our unique plugin architecture makes it really easy to be built reusable custom logic. Don't spend time figuring out workarounds, build what you need without any compromise.

Vendure CLI

Fully-fledged Node.js commerce platform

Build anything, from Shop to Marketplace

Product Catalog

Manage all of your product data within our platform. Our custom fields feature lets to customize the data model to your needs. We currently support products and product variants and soon bundle products and subscriptions.

Cart & Checkout

Build your custom checkout experiences with our strong cart and checkout management utilities. You can also easily add custom fields to your orders, to collection additional information in your checkout.

Multi-Language & Multi-Currency

Build international digital commerce experiences with our platform. It supports multi-currency and multi-language out of the box. Not only for your storefront, but also for our Admin Central, which supports 20+ languages already.

CLI Tooling

Our CLI takes away all time-consuming ground-level work to setup new plugins and boilerplate code. Spend your time writing code that actually adds value to your project. Automate workflows for deployment and much more through our CLI.

Order Management

Manage all of your orders and transactions on our platform. You are able to customize everything - the data model, the order process, the API and even the admin interface. Build the most powerful order management tool for your use case.


As we are headless and API-first you can connect multiple sales channels to our platform - that could be web, apps, point of sale or anything else. All the core entities are channel aware which gives you unparalleled multi-channel capabiltiies

Promotion Engine

Build your custom promotion rules with our promotion engine. With our extensible architecture you can add your custom rules or just the built in promotions like discount codes.

Customer Management

Handle all customer operations like registration, login, password management and much more. Our platform also ships with the support of customer groups and role-based access control (RBAC)


Building a marketplace has never been easier than with Vendure. We have native support for multi-vendor application, meaning that we support split orders and multiple sellers out of the box.

Headless Node.js e-commerce platform

Fully headless commerce with an API-first mindest

We believe that working with a full-stack Node.js based stack is a superpower for any company that is doing e-commerce. You can use powerful frontend frameworks like Next.js and use the same tech stack to build a highly-customized e-commerce backend with Vendure. That makes your e-commerce team even more productive!

GraphQL playground of Vendure, a headless Node.js e-commerce platform

Open source Node.js e-commerce

We strongly believe in the power of open source

Vendure is open-source since the beginning of the project. Over the years we not only already released our second major version (v2) but also attracted over 1000 community members and 170+ contributors, that actively help to improve our platform every day. Ready to join one of the most welcoming communities in this space?

Pros of Node.js e-commerce platforms

The benefits of using a Node.js ecommerce platform

Built by Node.js Experts

Built by developers for developers

Vendure was built by software engineers that have a passion for open source and e-commerce. Both of our founders have years of experience in working with various e-commerce platforms and the Node.js stack. Vendure was developed to solve their own problems in previous companies.

Michael Bromley

CTO & Co-Founder

David Hoeck

CEO & Co-Founder

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