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SendCloud Fulfillment

Sync orders to SendCloud’s fulfillment platform to print shipping labels and ship orders

npm install @pinelab/vendure-plugin-sendcloud

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Vendure SendCloud plugin

Official documentation here

This plugin syncs orders to the SendCloud fulfillment platform.

Getting started

  1. Add the plugin to your vendure-config.ts:
plugins: [
  1. Add the SendCloud Ui to the Vendure admin:
  port: 3002,
  route: 'admin',
  app: compileUiExtensions({
    outputPath: path.join(__dirname, '__admin-ui'),
    extensions: [SendcloudPlugin.ui],
  1. Run a DB migration to add the new SendCloudConfigEntity to the database.
  2. Go to your SendCloud account and go to Settings > Integrations and create an integration.
  3. Write down the secret and publicKey of the created integration
  4. For the same integration, add the webhook This will update orders when the status changes in SendCloud.
  5. Start Vendure and login as admin
  6. Make sure you have the permission SetSendCloudConfig
  7. Go to Settings > SendCloud
  8. You can fill in your SendCloud secret and public key here and click save.
  9. Additionally, you can set a fallback phone number, for when a customer hasn’t filled out one. A phone number is required by Sendcloud in some cases.

Now, when an order is placed, it will be automatically fulfilled and send to SendCloud.

Additional configuration

You can choose to send additional info to SendCloud: weight, hsCode, origin_country and additional parcel items. Parcel items will show up as rows on your SendCloud packaging slips.

import 'SendCloudPlugin, getNrOfOrders';

plugins: [
     * Implement the weightFn to determine the weight of a parcel item,
     * or set a default value
    weightFn: (line) =>
      (line.productVariant.product?.customFields as any)?.weight || 5,
     * Implement the hsCodeFn to set the hsCode of a parcel item,
     * or set a default value
    hsCodeFn: (line) =>
      (line.productVariant.product?.customFields as any)?.hsCode || 'test hs',
     * Implement the originCountryFn to set the origin_country of a parcel item,
     * or set a default value
    originCountryFn: (line) => 'NL',
     * Implement the additionalParcelItemsFn to add additional rows to the SendCloud order.
     * This example adds the nr of previous orders of the current customer to SendCloud
    additionalParcelItemsFn: async (ctx, injector, order) => {
      additionalInputs.push(await getNrOfOrders(ctx, injector, order));
      return additionalInputs;