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Print shipping labels for your orders via

npm install @pinelab/vendure-plugin-myparcel

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Vendure MyParcel Plugin

Official documentation here

Plugin for sending placed orders to MyParcel.

Getting started

  1. Add this to your plugins in vendure-config.ts:
import { MyparcelPlugin } from '@pinelab/vendure-plugin-myparcel';

plugins: [
    vendureHost: '',
    syncWebhookOnStartup: true, // If you want to automatically set vendureHost as webhook on MyParcel account
  1. Add MyparcelPlugin.ui to your AdminUiPlugin extensions:
import { MyparcelPlugin } from '@pinelab/vendure-plugin-myparcel';

plugins: [
    port: 3002,
    route: 'admin',
    app: compileUiExtensions({
      outputPath: path.join(__dirname, '__admin-ui'),
      extensions: [MyparcelPlugin.ui],

Read more about Admin UI compilation in the Vendure docs

  1. Start Vendure and go to Settings > MyParcel and fill in your MyParcel API key.
  2. Create a shipmentMethod with MyParcel fulfillment.
  3. Place an order and select the shippingMethod.
  4. Go to the Admin UI and click on fulfill
  5. Your shipment should be in your MyParcel account.

Customs information for shipments outside the EU

MyParcel requires additional customs information for shipments outside the EU. When you ship outside the EU, you should implement the getCustomsInformationFn when initializing the plugin:

  vendureHost: '',
  getCustomsInformationFn: (orderItem) => {
    return {
      weightInGrams: (orderItem.line.productVariant.product.customFields as any)
      classification: (
        orderItem.line.productVariant.product.customFields as any
      countryCodeOfOrigin: 'NL',

You can find more information about the classification codes here.

Custom shipment strategy

If you want more control over the data that is send over to MyParcel, then you can implement a custom shipmentStrategy.

The shipment strategy needs to implement MyParcelShipmentStrategy and should containt the getShipment method. This method returns the shipment object for MyParcel API reference

If you only need to change the recipient or the options, you can extend the MyParcalDefaultShipmentStrategy and overwrite the method you need.

  • getOptions
  • getRecipient
class CustomShipmentStrategy extends MyParcalDefaultShipmentStrategy {
  getShipment(address: OrderAddress, order: Order, customsContent: string) {
    const shipment: MyparcelShipment = {
      carrier: 2, //bpost. Only available on
      reference_identifier: order.code,
      options: this.getOptions(address, order, customsContent),
      recipient: this.getRecipient(address, order, customsContent),

    return shipment;

Pass you strategy to the MyparcelPlugin config.

  vendureHost: '',
  shipmentStrategy: new CustomShipmentStrategy(),

getCustomsInformationFn will still be processed after the custom shipment strategy