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Mollie Payments

Plugin to enable payments through the Mollie platform.

npm install @vendure/payments-plugin

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Core open-source plugins built by the Vendure team



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  1. You will need to create a Mollie account and get your apiKey in the dashboard.

  2. Install the Payments plugin and the Mollie client:

    npm install @vendure/payments-plugin @mollie/api-client`


  1. Add the plugin to your VendureConfig plugins array:
    import { MolliePlugin } from '\@vendure/payments-plugin/package/mollie';
    // ...
    plugins: [
      MolliePlugin.init({ vendureHost: '', useDynamicRedirectUrl: true }),
  2. Create a new PaymentMethod in the Admin UI, and select “Mollie payments” as the handler.
  3. Set your Mollie apiKey in the API Key field.

For complete documentation see the Mollie Plugin docs