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Google Storage Assets

Store assets on Google Storage buckets

npm install @pinelab/vendure-plugin-google-storage-assets

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Vendure Google Asset Storage plugin

Vendure version

Official documentation here

Plugin for storing Vendure assets on Google Cloud Storage

Getting started

  1. yarn add vendure-plugin-google-storage-assets
  2. Create a bucket which is publicly available in Google Cloud.
  3. Add to your
import { GoogleStoragePlugin, GoogleStorageStrategy } from 'vendure-plugin-google-storage-assets'

plugins: [
    storageStrategyFactory: () => new GoogleStorageStrategy({
      bucketname: 'your-bucket-name',
       * Use to pre-generate thumbnail sized images.
       * Thumbnails are available on product.featured_asset.thumbnail via GraphQL
      thumbnails: {
        width: 500,
        height: 500,
       * You can set this to 'false' to make the Vendure admin ui also consume images directly
       * from the Google Cloud Storage CDN,
       * instead of via the Vendure asset server
      useAssetServerForAdminUi: false
    route: 'assets',
    assetUploadDir: '/tmp/vendure/assets',
    port: 3001,

Local development

  1. Run gcloud auth application-default login
  2. Create a .env file with the following contents:
  1. Run yarn start and go to https://localhost:3050/admin to test asset uploads

Internally this plugin uses new Storage(); to instantiate the Storage client, which uses ENV variables to authenticate:

// By default, the client will authenticate using the service account file
// specified by the GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS environment variable and use
// the project specified by the GCLOUD_PROJECT environment variable. See