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Digital Ocean Spaces

Store images and other assets with Digital Ocean Spaces object storage.

npm install @vendure/asset-server-plugin

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Digital Ocean Spaces is an S3-compatible object storage solution.


The AssetServerPlugin is part of a standard Vendure installation, but if it is not already installed, you must install it:

npm install @vendure/asset-server-plugin

Install AWS SDKs

Before using this strategy, make sure you have the @aws-sdk/client-s3 and @aws-sdk/lib-storage packages installed:

npm install @aws-sdk/client-s3 @aws-sdk/lib-storage

Create a new Spaces bucket

In the Digital Ocean dashboard, navigate to “Spaces Object Storage” from the left nav menu and create a new bucket named “vendure-assets”.

Next, navigate to the “API” section and generate a new API key for that bucket. Be sure to note down:

  • The access key
  • The secret key (important!)
  • The bucket url (available from the spaces bucket page)

These can then be used to configure the environment variables SPACES_ACCESS_KEY, SPACES_SECRET_KEY and SPACES_ENDPOINT.

Configure the AssetServerPlugin for Spaces

// vendure-config.ts
import { AssetServerPlugin, configureS3AssetStorage } from '@vendure/asset-server-plugin';
import { DefaultAssetNamingStrategy } from '@vendure/core';

// ...

plugins: [
    route: 'assets',
    assetUploadDir: path.join(__dirname, 'assets'),
    namingStrategy: new DefaultAssetNamingStrategy(),
    storageStrategyFactory: configureS3AssetStorage({
      bucket: 'vendure-assets',
      credentials: {
        accessKeyId: process.env.SPACES_ACCESS_KEY,
        secretAccessKey: process.env.SPACES_SECRET_KEY,
      nativeS3Configuration: {
        endpoint: process.env.SPACES_ENDPOINT?? 'http://localhost:9000',
        forcePathStyle: true,
        signatureVersion: 'v4',
        // The `region` is required by the AWS SDK,
        // so we just use a dummy value here.
        region: 'eu-west-1',

Complete documentation

See the S3AssetStorageStrategy docs for full documentation.