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New Versioning Strategy and Roadmap

June 07, 2023

David Hoeck

David Hoeck

CEO & Co-Founder

Read more about the upcoming release and the changes to our versioning strategy. We also provide a public roadmap from now on.

New structures, new roadmap

Until recently, the roadmap existed only in our GitHub repository as a project board filled with bugs, improvements, feature requests and RFCs. Due to GitHub being a developer-focussed platform, the descriptions and comments tend to be very technical.

This often proved to be a problem for us when communicating with companies that would like to use Vendure, as the decision-makers on their side had limited technical know-how. In addition, the decision for or against Vendure could not be based on correct facts, because a lot of information for a valid business decision was simply not available.

Precisely for this reason and a few more, we decided to develop a new roadmap. This roadmap is written in an easy-to-understand format, without too much technical jargon, so that decision makers in management can work with this information. Also, in this roadmap we really focus only on new features and improvements and omit bug fixes which are only of interest to developers.

Short summary:

Travel the world with Vendure versions

Until now, our versions were simple releases on GitHub, which were marked with a version number. Pretty boring, isn't it? That's exactly what we thought! So we figured out how to create cool names for the versions, so they're easy to remember.

Since Vendure is already used worldwide, and we see ourselves as a global, open-minded company, we settled on city names. This means that in the future, each new version will be named after a city on planet Earth. Of course, we won't just choose the city names randomly, but will use the locations of our partners and customers for them. Our goal in the future is to travel to these locations before each release and take a team photo with our partners or clients in front of the city landmark. This way we want to bring some personality and character into the releases and write a new piece of Vendure history with each release.

For this reason, I would like to announce the next planned releases right here:

v1.8 - Montpellier

Named after an office location of our partner Swile, we have chosen the city on the French Mediterranean coast for the name of our next version.

Swile not only has a location in the south of France, but also a great case study on our website. You can read it here:

v1.9 - Kitzbühel

Named after the main location of our strategic partner and shareholder ALPIN11, we chose the legendary town in the Austrian Alps as the name for version 1.9.

Kitzbühel is well known as a ski resort and hosts the most famous Ski World Cup race on the Streif every year. Wanna see how crazy the race is?

v2.0 - Vienna

The location of the Vendure HQ: Beautiful Vienna, the capital of Austria. For our next major version we naturally chose the name of our birthplace. You can see what's coming in our next major version in our new roadmap.

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