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Simplified Collections Plugin

This plugin allows you to maintain a two way relation between products and collections, allowing a simplified way to manage collections.

npm install vendure-simplified-collections-plugin

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Vendure Simplified Collections Plugin

This vendure plugin allows you to maintain a two way relation between products and collections. Vendure by default only allows you to manage relations between your inventory and collections from the side of collections only. It complements this feature by giving you a variety of ways to manage the inventory contents of your collections through CollectionFilters(there are 4 types by default, but like everything else in vendure, you can add your own custom CollectionFilter). Once you integrate this plugin into your vendure store, you will only be able to use the productIdCollectionFilter in the collections detail page. But this won’t affect your existing collections’ inventories. Still, for better experience it would be best if no relation exists between products and collections prior to the integration of this plugin.

Getting started

Add the plugin to your config:

import { SimplifiedCollectionsPlugin } from 'vendure-simplified-collections-plugin';
import { compileUiExtensions } from '@vendure/ui-devkit/compiler';
plugins: [
        app: compileUiExtensions({
          extensions: [SimplifiedCollectionsPlugin.uiExtensions],

Then run db migrations.

yarn migration:generate simplified-collections
yarn migartion run

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