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Sync orders to the Dutch accounting platform

npm install @pinelab/vendure-plugin-e-boekhouden

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Vendure E-boekhouden plugin

Vendure version

Official documentation here

Plugin for syncing orders to the Dutch accounting platform

Getting started

Send orders to e-Boekhouden as GeldOntvangen mutation and configured account and contraAccount numbers. Creates a mutation line for each taxrate of the order’s tax summary.

  1. Add this to your plugin in vendure-config.ts:
import { EboekhoudenPlugin } from 'vendure-plugin-e-boekhouden'

plugins: [
  1. Run a database migration to add the config entity to your database.
  2. Add this plugin to the Vendure admin ui plugin to add the configuration screen to Vendure.
plugins: [
    port: 3002,
    route: 'admin',
    app: compileUiExtensions({
      outputPath: path.join(__dirname, '__admin-ui'),
      extensions: [EboekhoudenPlugin.ui],

You can read more about Admin UI compilation in the Vendure docs

  1. Start the server and set your credentials via Settings > E-boekhouden

Development - generate new client

  1. Go to and save the wsdl file in src/client/e-boekhouden-wsdl.xml.
  2. Run yarn generate-soap-client.
  3. src/client will now have an updated and typed soap client for e-Boekhouden.