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Braintree Payments

This plugin enables payments to be processed by Braintree, a popular payment provider which supports card payment, PayPal, Apple Pay and more

npm install @vendure/payments-plugin

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Core open-source plugins built by the Vendure team



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  1. You will need to create a Braintree sandbox account as outlined in
  2. Then install braintree and @types/braintree from npm. This plugin was written with v3.x of the Braintree lib.
    npm install @vendure/payments-plugin braintree
    npm install -D @types/braintree


  1. Add the plugin to your VendureConfig plugins array:
    import { BraintreePlugin } from '\@vendure/payments-plugin/package/braintree';
    import { Environment } from 'braintree';
    // ...
    plugins: [
        environment: Environment.Sandbox,
        // This allows saving customer payment
        // methods with Braintree (see "vaulting"
        // section below for details)
        storeCustomersInBraintree: true,
  2. Create a new PaymentMethod in the Admin UI, and select “Braintree payments” as the handler.
  3. Fill in the Merchant ID, Public Key & Private Key from your Braintree sandbox account.

Complete documentation

See the BraintreePlugin docs for full documentation