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The commerce platform built for customization and extensibility

Build better multichannel commerce experiences faster. With Vendure, the headless commerce platform that is built to adapt to your needs. Not the other way round.

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Our vision

Build anything. For anyone.

Don't let your commerce platform define the limits of your ambitions.

Vendure provides the solid foundation for any commerce application: inventory management, orders, customers, taxes, promotions and more.

Our battle-tested, stable core powers start-ups, direct-to-consumer brands, Fortune 500 enterprises and everything in between.

Vendure's cutting-edge tech stack and extensibility future-proofs your digital commerce, reduces the risk of replatforming.

Our laser focus on developer experience means faster time-to-market, fewer bugs, and happy developers who can focus on shipping features rather than battling platform limitations.

Why Vendure?
The solid digital commerce foundation you've always been looking for.

Built for extensibility

Vendure's technical architecture has been designed for the highest possible extensibility and customization. Save yourself time-consuming workarounds, do it right the first time.

Open-source & sustainable

Vendure follows the open-core approach. Our core will forever remain free and open-source. Supplemented by ready-made plugins and resources, so that your time-to-market can be greatly reduced.

Best-in-class developer experience

Vendure is committed to providing an outstanding developer experience which translates to high productivity, happy developers, accelerated time-to-market and high quality results.

Plugins & Integrations

Connected. Composable.

Vendure forms the hub of your digital commerce solution: our comprehensive GraphQL & TypeScript APIs allow you to compose seamlessly with any third-party service: shipping & fulfillments, payments, CMS, ERP & PIM systems, and more.

We believe that your commerce platform should not negate your existing systems and processes - so we built Vendure to complement and work alongside the tools and systems you already have in place.

Our headless, API-driven architecture allows you to build your storefront using any technology, future-proofing your business against the rapidly innovating technological landscape.

Plugins & Integrations

What truly stood out about Vendure was the level of independence it offered us. By avoiding reliance on SaaS providers and their predetermined roadmaps, we had full ownership of our platform.

Christian Stocker

Co-Founder, Liip AG

We are a B2B business that supplies food worldwide; with Vendure, we can organize our product catalog with the best performance and great UX.

Carlo Diban

CTO, Loads

We are building custom e-commerce solutions from marketplaces to subscription based products, and we haven't found anything that couldn't be implemented in Vendure!

Martijn van de Brug

Founder, Pinelab

Our team has been working with Vendure since the early days... we are thrilled to see the latest developments to handle the scale and amount of customization we deal with.

Thierry Tournie

Senior Developer, Swile

Made for Production

Loved by developers and executives alike.

Taxes. Internationalization. Role-based permissions. Promotions. Inventory & taxonomy.

We did the hard parts so your developers don't have to. Instead they can focus on building what makes your business unique.

Our modern tech stack, carefully-designed APIs & comprehensive documentation empower developers to create any commerce application in record time and with minimal frustration.

For the business this translates to faster time-to-market, a superior experience for your customers, and full ownership and control over your commerce infrastructure.

Furthermore, our open-source model means you can do all of this without escalating license costs.

Tech Stack
Trusted technologies.

Our future-proof and battle-tested tech stack.

Outstanding developer experience

Extensible. Type-safe. Modular. Well-documented. Made for developers.

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What people think about Vendure

At KLEKT we chose Vendure after many painstaking hours of competitive research. Being a marketplace we didn't feel like there was anything out there that really fit the bill out of the box, but with an API-first platform and the ability to create custom plugins we were able to extend Vendure to meet our needs. In comparison to other platforms Vendure is much lighter, fully utilises modern technologies and doesn't need 25 dev ops engineers to make it scale. So for us it seemed the right fit and we haven't looked back.

Jon Cleaver


Tech Lead at IBM

We were trying to find a solution that was feature-complete but flexible. Flexibility was a necessity because we wanted to maintain the legacy system’s interface points with other teams. After we set up a demo system on IBM’s internal hybrid cloud platform, we were convinced that, out-of-the-box, it would provide 90% of the ecommerce functionality our stores required, and that we would be able to build out the other 10% ourselves.

Will Milne

Tech Lead at IBM

I was looking for an e-commerce platform that supports multichannel, to enable the multi-client setup of the platform. Vendure is the only platform meeting the requirements of Node.js, GraphQL and multichannel. The only code I had to write was the payment integration, which was very easy with the plugin system.

Martijn van de Brug